This is ExploreKraft's Team! These are the one's who will help you with anything! Click the picture to learn more!


Need some help? Our helpers are online and ready to help you, with things in the game, not with your mental health, see a doctor for that.

License Info

Halcyonic is licensed under the CCA 3.0 license, Yay, thx HTML5UP!

Pineapple on Pizza

This is a stock picture, how beautiful ( I forget how to spell beautiful all the time)

Current Developers:

One's who are making this possible:

Evan Thebearge

Have wanted to have a Minecraft Server since 2013, and have. Sadly, there is no motivation to continue. Our future is to-be deteremend

Pure Quality.

ExploreKraft is the finest.

  • Core i7 820 Q 12GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • Gigabit Connection
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Online when needed
  • Always being updated and maintained.

Some Ranks

Ranks we used to offer!

  • VIP Rank

    Allows flying and a bunch of cool things
  • Donator

    Supports us to fund and keep this server up
  • "Titan"

    Be a sav and buy the best rank